Toke Makinwa and Her Book About Her Ex, Maje

So Toke Makinwa released a book titled “On Becoming” about her relationship with her ex-husband and stuff. How she tried all she could to be her best and to impress him and to be the only one and blah blah. I think it is pretty sad though, her neediness for acceptance by the one man who would treat her like trash.

Anyways, the meat of the story is, she was the other woman in the relationship even after marriage. The real babe was always Anita, some hottie who has a baby for her ex-husband.


Pictured above is Toke (alone obviously) and her ex, Maje with the real boo, Anita. 

I think it is pretty sad and it only goes to show the what happens when a certain extremely important part of a woman is not attended to, her self-worth and self-esteem. Toke Makinwa being a really beautiful lady (albeit after she had done the bleaching thing to impress the same man), and hugely successful at what she does. for more details about the book check it out here, and yes its for sale! Don’t be a cheapskate, buy the damn book and read it! Tell me what you think below:


Some Jobless Lady Has Advise for Buhari’s Daughter on Her Wedding

Really? I know right? How does some babe who looks like a housewife without a shop gives advice to the extremely hot Buhari’s daughter who just got married to a billionaire? In case you missed it, Buhari is the current president of the country that used to be the biggest economy before he became president, Nigeria.

Anyways, so this babe says the beautiful girl should have wasted her prime (her prime being  she’s her hottest and her dad is president) on education, to get a second degree and a masters *pukes*. Like, why waste all that gorgeousness and opportunity on education? Chances are that her dad won’t win the elections in 2019 because his reign has just worse than awful! I don’t want to get started on him and his jokers!

See the babe who has all the wisdom below and her tweet. What do you think? Jobless or nah?

Buhari's daughters advisor.JPG

Now see the beautiful Buhari’s dauther (I don’t even know her name, but she hot!)

That was before marriage.
Buhari’s daughter at her wedding…please ignore the dude, he’s rich though!

What do you think?

Kanye West Goes After Beyounce; Begs Jayz to Call Him

Call me superstitious, but when I heard about the curse of he Kardishans I kinda believed it because it keeps repeating itself. Right now, Kanye West who used to be everybody’s favorite rapper (like, who would hate the ever smiling, talented dude?), is the latest causality. After saying he’d have voted for Trump last week he attacks the beloved Beyounce because the singer had allegedly agreed to play the VMAs only if she won Video Of The Year, a category Kanye was also nominated in. This happened at his show at Sacramento. In his words: “Beyoncé, I was hurt, I went down seven years on behalf of you … I am putting my career, my life, my public standing at risk when I talk to y’all like this. This is a moment in the matrix, bro.”


He said this just after he pleaded again with Jayz to call him. Speaking of an embarassing friend! Gosh! You would recall that he complained a few weeks ago that Jayz’s kid has not met his kids and they never play together (sounds like a desperate girlfriend). He just keeps going on and on. I wish for his sake, he would just stop ranting so much. Some say he is trying to sell out his new Yeezy’s which should drop soon (those shoes are ugly though, but ugly is the new hot I guess). I feel he has been on a decline since he hooked up with the goddess, Kim, she’s worth going broke and losing a career for though….just saying. You remember news broke a while back that young Pablo is actually in debt and owing a couple of millions. After which he begged Mark Zuckerberg to bail him out. This is totally not-fresh! What do you think?

Become a Star! Big Brother Naija 2017

One of the most hated/loved/talked about shows is back!

big brother naija 2017 auditions.jpg

If you are looking to star in the next edition see details below:

Audition dates:

  •  26th and 27th November, 2016

Audition Time:

  •  7:00am Daily


  •  Westown Hotel 7, Sheraton-Opebi Link Road, Ikeja-Lagos.


 You must be a Nigerian citizen over 21 years of age.
  • A valid international passport

Application forms

  •  You’ll get the application forms at the Auditions venue

This is a great way to jump start your career in the entertainment industry or just have fun with a couple of stranges while the whole of Nigeria watch you or get drunk and bath naked while we watch *wink*. For inquiries click here

Cast of Hamilton Address Mike Pence – Vice President Elect; Trump Requests Apology

The cast of popular Broadway musical,  addressed the vice president elect of the US on saturday at the end of their performance. As if walking in to the show amid boos from the crowd was not enough, the cast of Hamilton had to express their fears and concerns about the new leadership of the United states. Below it the message read out by Brandon Victor Dixon:

“I see you walking out but we have a message for you sir, we are the diverse America who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us, our planet, our children, our parents, or defend us and uphold our inalienable rights, sir. But we truly hope this show has inspired you to uphold our American values and work on behalf of all of us.”

Like I said in one of my earlier posts, I’m looking out for a whole lot of drama and interesting stuff from these new guys.

As expected, Mr Trump jumped on this and requested for an apology from the cast, stating that they were rude and they disrespected the Vice President elect. I’m wondering what happened to freedom of speech and opinion, and I am an african living in Nigeria! Folks in the US having something coming for them, I really wish them the best and will remember them in my prayers. See more on this here.

Funny thing is, Mike Pence himself stated that he did not feel disrespected or insulted, speaking of someone who understands democracy (see it here) . Anyways, some folks have predicted that Pence might be the next president as Mr Trump might get impeached. What do you think?

7-Year-Old Boy Beaten and Burnt to Death in Nigeria for Stealing Garri

Nigerians react to the news of a 7-Year-old boy beaten and burnt to death for stealing garri. Extremely sad story. I’m sure, if we were all treated that way for our offences the world population would be much less than it is right now, I’m thinking maybe 1.5billion. Sorry, can’t post pictures here they are too gory, can’t deal! See pictures on this site.

So Nigerians have been all over social media protesting this gruesome treatment of a young kid (see? Nigerians aren’t so bad after all). Police are currently looking for the people who did the terrible thing. I’m sad and sick to my belly right now. Just sad.

Anyways, I blame Buhari the president of Nigeria right now. If that young star wasn’t so hungry and poor, he wouldn’t have resorted to stealing. Fact is, Nigeria has not experienced this kind of hardship in over 15years! last time was during the dark ages of military dictatorship. I wish better for this country, I really do. Who do you blame though? Speak your mind!

Denrele Edun kisses his bride (a WOMAN)!!! – his excuse for being straight

LOL! Im sorry I started that way. But yes, Derenle, the gayest dude in Nigeria’s entertainment industry is trying to stay out of jail by kissing a lady (in a movie though, I’m sure he would be too disgusted to do it in real life. lol). I know you doubt me, so see picture(s) below:


Convinced? Great! I’m not though. Its such a publicity stunt it had to be featured on Linkaikeji’s blog. (sorry, its a peck, not exactly a kiss). Good thing I’ll never see that movie though, mostly because there is no woman to forced me to see Nigerian movies yet. Title of the movie is: oh sorry, nobody knows, even my mentor Linda. What do you think? I Derenle gay or straight?