Death is Easy, Life is Hard

Ever wondered why its so easy to do silly stuff and so hard to do intelligent stuff? Why it is much easier to destroy than to build up? Why it is so much easier to remain poor and broke than make some good dough and break out from the rat race? Why its harder to walk uphill than run downhill? My answer: Life is hard!

Hard realities every where. That is one of the reasons I feel it is a sign of weakness for men to end the lives of other men.Think of it, that is so very easy!!! The hardest part is doing it the first time. After that, easy breezy! If you are so strong and wise, how about build up men? Or better still cities? Or even a better world?

Don’t get me wrong, I do not intend to motivate nor advise on how to get a better life bla bla bla… I’m just talking real life issues. It’s tiring to hear so many people talk so much stuff like they know all. Funny thing is, check their lives and they are not much better than the guy who is being taught (or mostly, criticized). Back to my point, its so much easier to talk bad stuff about people than good.

This platform is for candid real life talk, its a place to air out thoughts and issues without being condemned. You want advice from me or anyone else, send a personal email and get perspective. There’s too many people out there giving advice on stiff they know nothing about, firsthand. You have no idea who’s posting what right now.

Life is hard, don’t make it harder for yourself or someone self because that’s lame and weak!



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