The Miss Anambra Saga

So i learnt about this a bit late through a colleague at work, interesting what we all talk about in the office right? In case you don’t know, the Miss Anambra thingy is basically about a beauty queen in south eastern Nigeria who was caught making love to her lover who happens to be a beautiful lady.

Big deal? Right? Yeah, big  deal in Nigeria, as big as 14years in prision! Yup, 14 whole years! I’m yet to hear of someone who actually got incarcerated for this in Nigeria though. Maybe she’ll be the first.

While I don’t support the whole LGBTQ thing, I don’t judge becasue I’m no saint. It’s sad how Nigerians and blacks in general are so quick to judge others acting like we are without sin. Anyways, for me I found it pretty disgusting that they had to do the whole thing with a cucumber!!! Like, WTF!!!! (well thats fantastic)lol. In my head I’m like, dude mehn! you couldn’t afford proper toys? After winning a kia and some money to go with it? Really? It just sucks! That is what we call painting the great nation of Nigeria in bad lights! We know there is recession in the air, but hey! they can’t be that expensive darlings.

Enough said though. I’m not judging, just saying my own. What is yours?


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