So it was announced today that Mr Donald Trump is the new president elect of the United states of America! Amazing? Heart breaking? Terrifying? Inspiring?

I’ll pick the last one, inspiring! As much as I dislike the guy, we all must give him one thing, he has guts! Some huge balls on that dude (unlike the statue made of him). If he can be president of the US, I can damn well be anything I want to be if I try hard enough. Thinking of becoming the first president of Africa. Lol!

He kept at it, understood his area of strength and played it well, and yes, he didn’t get discouraged by CNN and just about everybody who lives outside the US. Interesting how people who don’t live your life try to help you decide on what to do right?

Anyways, I feel the next few years are going to be pretty dramatic and I can’t wait for the drama to unfold! What do you think? What are you looking out for? Let me know and share with your friends too so they can speak their minds.

P.S. In another news Wole Soyinka has torn his US passport and is on his way back to Nigeria as I type this. Didn’t see him oooo! But we heard…….


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