Mr-Steal-Your-Grandma is 55 today!

You know this guy? (pictured below) Well, if you don’t you are either above 60 or you live under a rock or you’ve never been on Instagram or you follow boring people on Instagram or well, many other things actually.

Anyways, he’s the dude that keeps your grandma out late while the whole family is waiting for her and worried sick. He gives good memories, whatever that means to your grandma, and she’s madly in love with him!


Dude’s name is Irvin Randle, and yes he’s 55 years old today (I feel he looks older though). The swagged up dude is old but likes to keep fit and dress young, that’s why he stole your grandma’s heart. He got popular on instagram for his looks and all. There is some gist that he’s gay, but really, who cares? I’m sure nobody’s grandma would.How do you think your grandma would react to him? Let me know. More pictures below:


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