7-Year-Old Boy Beaten and Burnt to Death in Nigeria for Stealing Garri

Nigerians react to the news of a 7-Year-old boy beaten and burnt to death for stealing garri. Extremely sad story. I’m sure, if we were all treated that way for our offences the world population would be much less than it is right now, I’m thinking maybe 1.5billion. Sorry, can’t post pictures here they are too gory, can’t deal! See pictures on this site.

So Nigerians have been all over social media protesting this gruesome treatment of a young kid (see? Nigerians aren’t so bad after all). Police are currently looking for the people who did the terrible thing. I’m sad and sick to my belly right now. Just sad.

Anyways, I blame Buhari the president of Nigeria right now. If that young star wasn’t so hungry and poor, he wouldn’t have resorted to stealing. Fact is, Nigeria has not experienced this kind of hardship in over 15years! last time was during the dark ages of military dictatorship. I wish better for this country, I really do. Who do you blame though? Speak your mind!


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