Denrele Edun kisses his bride (a WOMAN)!!! – his excuse for being straight

LOL! Im sorry I started that way. But yes, Derenle, the gayest dude in Nigeria’s entertainment industry is trying to stay out of jail by kissing a lady (in a movie though, I’m sure he would be too disgusted to do it in real life. lol). I know you doubt me, so see picture(s) below:


Convinced? Great! I’m not though. Its such a publicity stunt it had to be featured on Linkaikeji’s blog. (sorry, its a peck, not exactly a kiss). Good thing I’ll never see that movie though, mostly because there is no woman to forced me to see Nigerian movies yet. Title of the movie is: oh sorry, nobody knows, even my mentor Linda. What do you think? I Derenle gay or straight?


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