Kanye West Goes After Beyounce; Begs Jayz to Call Him

Call me superstitious, but when I heard about the curse of he Kardishans I kinda believed it because it keeps repeating itself. Right now, Kanye West who used to be everybody’s favorite rapper (like, who would hate the ever smiling, talented dude?), is the latest causality. After saying he’d have voted for Trump last week he attacks the beloved Beyounce because the singer had allegedly agreed to play the VMAs only if she won Video Of The Year, a category Kanye was also nominated in. This happened at his show at Sacramento. In his words: “Beyoncé, I was hurt, I went down seven years on behalf of you … I am putting my career, my life, my public standing at risk when I talk to y’all like this. This is a moment in the matrix, bro.”


He said this just after he pleaded again with Jayz to call him. Speaking of an embarassing friend! Gosh! You would recall that he complained a few weeks ago that Jayz’s kid has not met his kids and they never play together (sounds like a desperate girlfriend). He just keeps going on and on. I wish for his sake, he would just stop ranting so much. Some say he is trying to sell out his new Yeezy’s which should drop soon (those shoes are ugly though, but ugly is the new hot I guess). I feel he has been on a decline since he hooked up with the goddess, Kim, she’s worth going broke and losing a career for though….just saying. You remember news broke a while back that young Pablo is actually in debt and owing a couple of millions. After which he begged Mark Zuckerberg to bail him out. This is totally not-fresh! What do you think?


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