Some Jobless Lady Has Advise for Buhari’s Daughter on Her Wedding

Really? I know right? How does some babe who looks like a housewife without a shop gives advice to the extremely hot Buhari’s daughter who just got married to a billionaire? In case you missed it, Buhari is the current president of the country that used to be the biggest economy before he became president, Nigeria.

Anyways, so this babe says the beautiful girl should have wasted her prime (her prime being  she’s her hottest and her dad is president) on education, to get a second degree and a masters *pukes*. Like, why waste all that gorgeousness and opportunity on education? Chances are that her dad won’t win the elections in 2019 because his reign has just worse than awful! I don’t want to get started on him and his jokers!

See the babe who has all the wisdom below and her tweet. What do you think? Jobless or nah?

Buhari's daughters advisor.JPG

Now see the beautiful Buhari’s dauther (I don’t even know her name, but she hot!)

That was before marriage.
Buhari’s daughter at her wedding…please ignore the dude, he’s rich though!

What do you think?


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