Toke Makinwa and Her Book About Her Ex, Maje

So Toke Makinwa released a book titled “On Becoming” about her relationship with her ex-husband and stuff. How she tried all she could to be her best and to impress him and to be the only one and blah blah. I think it is pretty sad though, her neediness for acceptance by the one man who would treat her like trash.

Anyways, the meat of the story is, she was the other woman in the relationship even after marriage. The real babe was always Anita, some hottie who has a baby for her ex-husband.


Pictured above is Toke (alone obviously) and her ex, Maje with the real boo, Anita. 

I think it is pretty sad and it only goes to show the what happens when a certain extremely important part of a woman is not attended to, her self-worth and self-esteem. Toke Makinwa being a really beautiful lady (albeit after she had done the bleaching thing to impress the same man), and hugely successful at what she does. for more details about the book check it out here, and yes its for sale! Don’t be a cheapskate, buy the damn book and read it! Tell me what you think below:


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