Mr-Steal-Your-Grandma is 55 today!

You know this guy? (pictured below) Well, if you don’t you are either above 60 or you live under a rock or you’ve never been on Instagram or you follow boring people on Instagram or well, many other things actually.

Anyways, he’s the dude that keeps your grandma out late while the whole family is waiting for her and worried sick. He gives good memories, whatever that means to your grandma, and she’s madly in love with him!


Dude’s name is Irvin Randle, and yes he’s 55 years old today (I feel he looks older though). The swagged up dude is old but likes to keep fit and dress young, that’s why he stole your grandma’s heart. He got popular on instagram for his looks and all. There is some gist that he’s gay, but really, who cares? I’m sure nobody’s grandma would.How do you think your grandma would react to him? Let me know. More pictures below:


Michelle Obama Seeking New Career in Modelling – Michelle Obama stuns for Vogue magazine

You probably know Michelle Obama right? Majorly because of the fresh dude, Barack who is probably really sad about his successor right now. Well, she’s trying new things to supplement her future family’s income. You guessed right, modelling! And yes, she’s really kinda truly hot for a 52 year old! No, I’m not exactly a pervert.

The story, she’s covering the page of Vogue magazine and she’s looking really stunning! No kidding. See pictures here:

Stunning right? A female colleague of might is head over toes for her already. What do you think? Classy or nah? Share with friends and find out what they think too!

About Trump and US Presidency

So it was announced today that Mr Donald Trump is the new president elect of the United states of America! Amazing? Heart breaking? Terrifying? Inspiring?

I’ll pick the last one, inspiring! As much as I dislike the guy, we all must give him one thing, he has guts! Some huge balls on that dude (unlike the statue made of him). If he can be president of the US, I can damn well be anything I want to be if I try hard enough. Thinking of becoming the first president of Africa. Lol!

He kept at it, understood his area of strength and played it well, and yes, he didn’t get discouraged by CNN and just about everybody who lives outside the US. Interesting how people who don’t live your life try to help you decide on what to do right?

Anyways, I feel the next few years are going to be pretty dramatic and I can’t wait for the drama to unfold! What do you think? What are you looking out for? Let me know and share with your friends too so they can speak their minds.

P.S. In another news Wole Soyinka has torn his US passport and is on his way back to Nigeria as I type this. Didn’t see him oooo! But we heard…….

The Miss Anambra Saga

So i learnt about this a bit late through a colleague at work, interesting what we all talk about in the office right? In case you don’t know, the Miss Anambra thingy is basically about a beauty queen in south eastern Nigeria who was caught making love to her lover who happens to be a beautiful lady.

Big deal? Right? Yeah, big  deal in Nigeria, as big as 14years in prision! Yup, 14 whole years! I’m yet to hear of someone who actually got incarcerated for this in Nigeria though. Maybe she’ll be the first.

While I don’t support the whole LGBTQ thing, I don’t judge becasue I’m no saint. It’s sad how Nigerians and blacks in general are so quick to judge others acting like we are without sin. Anyways, for me I found it pretty disgusting that they had to do the whole thing with a cucumber!!! Like, WTF!!!! (well thats fantastic)lol. In my head I’m like, dude mehn! you couldn’t afford proper toys? After winning a kia and some money to go with it? Really? It just sucks! That is what we call painting the great nation of Nigeria in bad lights! We know there is recession in the air, but hey! they can’t be that expensive darlings.

Enough said though. I’m not judging, just saying my own. What is yours?

Death is Easy, Life is Hard

Ever wondered why its so easy to do silly stuff and so hard to do intelligent stuff? Why it is much easier to destroy than to build up? Why it is so much easier to remain poor and broke than make some good dough and break out from the rat race? Why its harder to walk uphill than run downhill? My answer: Life is hard!

Hard realities every where. That is one of the reasons I feel it is a sign of weakness for men to end the lives of other men.Think of it, that is so very easy!!! The hardest part is doing it the first time. After that, easy breezy! If you are so strong and wise, how about build up men? Or better still cities? Or even a better world?

Don’t get me wrong, I do not intend to motivate nor advise on how to get a better life bla bla bla… I’m just talking real life issues. It’s tiring to hear so many people talk so much stuff like they know all. Funny thing is, check their lives and they are not much better than the guy who is being taught (or mostly, criticized). Back to my point, its so much easier to talk bad stuff about people than good.

This platform is for candid real life talk, its a place to air out thoughts and issues without being condemned. You want advice from me or anyone else, send a personal email and get perspective. There’s too many people out there giving advice on stiff they know nothing about, firsthand. You have no idea who’s posting what right now.

Life is hard, don’t make it harder for yourself or someone self because that’s lame and weak!